Hermann Klecker

Born and raised in Dortmund in 1968, used to live in the areas of Cologne/Düsseldorf, Zurich and Stuttgart and lives now again in the area of Munich.

All began in 1995 when he obtained SLR, nearly for free. Since then he follows an autodidactical approach into into a number of photographic genres which include some rather rare techniques like pinholes, cyanography, polaroid transfers or infrared film and digitals. 

He publishes his most recent work in fotocommuntiy, 500px and on facebook. Most of his photographs are taken on his travels or hin his studio (which used to be Lichtschmiede in Munich). He still uses his darkroom occasonally although most of his work is digital by now.






1997 Schloß Benrath, Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Fotoclub Blende 77 Natur natürlich - natürlich Natur
1998 AOK Essen, Essen Agentur Vierfahrt Körper
1999 Goethe Buchhandlung, Düsseldorf Gruppe PHOS Kulturlandschaft Düsseldorf
2000 City Hall, Slough, England Gruppe PHOS Kulturlandschaft Düsseldorf
2006 Creativa, Zurich Fair Zurich Fair Creativa
2008 Gasteig, Munich Gasteig Mein Bild von München
2010 Cafe Reuter, Berlin Hermann Klecker IRland, Wertpapiere
2015 Praterinsel, Munich Praterstrand Mein Bild von München
2018 Cape Town, South Africa ORMS School of Photography Art of Photography
2018 Copenhagen, Denmark Art Nordic Mnimalism
2018 Hinterland, Vienna, Austria Hinterland Galerie, Wien Solo
2018 Blue Art, Berlin, Germany Berlin Blue Art Gallery, Berlin Art of Black and White
2018 Art Nordic, Copenhagen, Denmark Art Nordic Kunstgalleri, København Art of Photography
2018 Mia Photo Fair, Milano, Italy Mia Photo Fair, Milano Best of 2017
2018 5th Base, London, UK 5th Base Gallery, London, England Mostly White
2018 The Canvas Gallery, Singapore The Canvas Gallery, Singapore, China


2018 Berlin, Germany Berlin Blue Art Gallery My Exhibition Shot
2018 Barcelona, Spain Valid World Hall Art of Black and White
2019 The Hague, The Netherlands Caballero Fabriek My Favourite Shots
2019 Athens, Greece Blank Wall Gallery Photographer of the Year 2018
2019 Wien, Austria Hinterland Gallery Beautiful Imperfections
2019 Mia Photo Fair, Milano, Italy Mia Photo Fair, Milano Minimalism
2019 Berlin, Germany Berlin Blue Art Gallery Centered
2019 Ljubljana, Slowenien Ravnikar Gallery Monochrome
2019 Berlin, Germany Berlin Blue Art Gallery Mostly Black
2019 Barcelona, Spain Valid World Hall Architektur
2019 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Quick Gallery Beautiful Imperfections
2019 Berlin, Germany Berlin Blue Art Gallery Powerful Compositions
2019 Sofia, Bulgaria Photosynthesis Photography Center Street Photography
2019 Melburne, Australia Laurent Gallery Dramatic B&W
2019 Berlin Berlin Blue Art Gallery Mostly White
2019 Budapest, Hungary Art Market Budapest Amazing Architecture (100 Years of Bauhaus)
2019 Ljubljana, Slovenia Ravnikar Gallery Solo - Single Subject
2019 Vienna, Austria Hinterland Galerie Borders
2019 Berlin, Germany Berlin Blue Art Gallery My favorite Shots
2019 Melburne, Australia Laurent Gallery Less is More


Publication Publisher Link 
Chapter "Heimstudio" (home studio) in "Das neue fotocommunity Buch" Galileo Press Galileo
Cover photo of Don Akenson's "An Irish History of Civilization" Granta Volume 1 at Amazon
Cover photo of Don Akenson's "An Irish History of Civilization"  Granta Volume 2 at Amazon
Sample Photos in Martin Schwabe's "Das Kamerahandbuch zur Canon EOS 400D"
and other issues of his camera handbook series
Galileo Press  Amazon
Some dog shots in "Mein Welpe und ich" (My puppy and I), Compakt Verlag Compakt Fressnapf
Contribution to "Share your Passion" Riley Blurb
Image "Dusche" (Shower) in the article "Rundungen" (curves) in View Spotlight Stern View Spotlight
Image "Maierbacher Allee" in a brochure of Music School Ismaning   Musikschule Ismaning
Sample Photos in "Canon EOS 600D" from M. Schwabe
(and other books of his series)
Pearson Amazon
Image at Stern Online in a series for the Canadian day of cavies. Stern Stern.de
2011 Infrared (calendar) fotografie.at  
Artikel about polaroid emulstion lift (as on this page but in German) fotocommunity.com ColorFoto
DIY bouncer for build-in flash lights fotocommunity.com ColorFoto
Kirchenkalender 2019 (Calendar of churches) KiBa Foundation
Kirchenkalender 2019
Photo "Henge of Stones" in "Give it your best Shot" The Guild of Photographers Creative Light March/April 2019
Photo "Raspberry Shot" in "Your Best Photo Shoot" The Guild of Photographers Creative Light May/June 2019
Photo "Drei Farben Wein" in "Best Still Life Shots" Dodho Magazine Best Still Life Shots
Renaissance portrait "Me, Myself and I" in ColorFoto ColorFoto ColorFoto
Photo "Marienplatz" in "Your Best Photo" Dodho Magazine Dhodo
Photo "Wooden Staircase" im Dhodo Magazine Dodho Magazine Centered
Photo "Drei Farben Wein" in the magazine Digital Camera World Digital Camera World Artistic Still Life
Photo "Himbeeren im Glas" im Dhodo Magazine Dodho Magazine Best Food Shot
Photo "Mara mit Gerbera" in the magazine Digital Camera World Digital Camera World Photography is Art

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Irland Foto  www.irlandfoto.com homepage.eircom.net/~urlaub/gastart1.htm
Galerie Shedworks www.shedworks.de n/a
Many Greetings From www.manygreetingsfrom.com n/a
Knowth www.knowth.com www.knowth.com/stone-circle-wallpaper.htm
Whisky Fox www.whisky-fox.de n/a
Licht&Kunst www.ismaning-leuchtet.de http://www.kirche-im-licht.de/02_fotogalerie/02_fotogalerie.html
Neuapostolische Kirche Düsseldorf http://www.nak-duesseldorf.de/ (Kopfzeilenfoto)
Eclipse Sol Air http://www.eclipse-sol-air.de
Titelbild u.a.
Components project.compontents.net Komponente



2006 Züricher Tagesanzeiger Zürich-Postkarten
2018 Guru Shots Photo of the Month
2018 Guru Shots Cups and Mugs
2019 fotocommunity Straßenlaternen
2019 fotocommunity Das besondere Selfie
2019 Guru Shots Vegetables and Fruits

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