ISO-Values of a Canon 7D from 100 to 12800

A comparison of the automatic lighting optimization (ALC) and the highlight tone priority (HTP) and their impact on the iso noise.

For this test scenario I chose some motive with lots of rather homogenous dark surfaces because those are most likely to expose the noise. 

There is one picture for each ISO level that corresponds to full E.V. levels, such as 100, 200, 400 and so on.

When HTP (D+) is enabled then the available ISO values range from 200 to 6400 (no 100, no H = 12800). With HTP enabled ALC is always off.

Gegenüberstellung 100, 400, 3200 und 12800 ASA


Polaroid Emulsion Lift

5 DM Polaroid Transfer

Polaroid is dead.

Long live Polaroid.










1 Polaroid-Image, or more
2 Bowls for water
1 Electric kettle
1 new media (e.g. water colour paper)
1 plastic spoon

A Tutorial for Digital Infrared Photography

Tübingen Beyond Red

In this brief tutorial you will learn the basic steps from the image out of the camera to this final with a couple of mouse clics using free software only.

Out of the camera infrared image



From Mass Media to Art Works

It is told that the transfer technique was discovered reather erroreous just by some sloppy worrk within the Polaroid laboratoires. Now the idea of producing unique litle piecies of art has become quite fashionate.

JPEG Compression

Instead of talking about JPEG-Compression and its artefacts I'd rather show them to you.

JPEG is a format for image files which where the file size can be significantly influenced. The smaller the file size is the worse will the picture look like, especially in its details. This is because the JPEG compression in general is destructive.

Strictly spoken there is a number of compression algorithms standardized and possible within JPEG files. It is currently being discussed to introduce some additional non-destructive algorithm to the JPEG specification. However, I don't want to go into details of what theoretically may be possible but want to focus on the most popular algorithm which is very widely used. When you just click on "save as jpeg" then this is most likely the algorithm that is being used.